Locker Request

Lockers are issued upon request by Mr. Albert Walker.

Students may choose the specific locker and request by locker number. If the locker is unavailable, the student will be assigned a locker close to his/her selection. Students can request a second locker at a $5 charge for the year. The replacement cost of a padlock is $10.

No open containers are allowed in lockers. Lunches stored in lockers must be removed daily.

Lockers are the property of Ray High School and the issuance of a locker(s) to a student does not make it private property. It can be searched without prior notice. Ray High School considers all content in a locker the property of the student to whom the locker is assigned. Do not share lockers.

To request a locker, click on the link, complete the request form and SUBMIT. Mr. Walker will return information to you within 48 hours. Mr. Walker may be contacted in person before or after school in Room 201.

Locker Request Form