To make every child’s potential a reality
By engaging and empowering
Families and communities
To advocate for all children.
Contact Ray High School PTA
at wbraypta@gmail.com.


Communication Protocols
Every Thursday, a Board Update packet is sent to board members. The packet is used for communications that can include, but is not limited to invitations and campus newsletters. Calendars permitting, board members make every effort to attend district functions. To afford board members the opportunity to attend as many functions as possible, they have requested that invitations be sent to them in a timely manner, so that they can plan their calendars accordingly. Please ensure that invitations are submitted to the Office of the Superintendent at least two weeks prior to the event. The invitations will be disseminated to board members via the weekly packet. If you would like to share your campus newsletter with board members, please send nine (9) hard copies of the newsletter to the Office of the Superintendent. The newsletter will be disseminated via the weekly packet.

FMI: Norma Haskell, Administrative Assistant for the Board of Trustee, 886-9002 or via email at nlhaskell@ccisd.us.


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